The best man: 10 things you must absolutely get right...

The best man

Let’s face it: being chosen as someone’s best man is a pretty big compliment. Not only does it mean that your relationship with the groom means a lot to him, but also that he trusts you to handle a job that’s crucial to making the entire wedding run smoothly.

It’ll be fun, but you can’t afford to mess this one up. Ensure you don’t by following our 10-point checklist of the duties you simply can’t get wrong.

  1. Organising the stag do: You probably won’t need much persuading to do this, but making sure that your groom gets the most out of his stag do takes a lot of careful management and a dollop of common sense.
  2. Getting him to church on time: It might sound like a cliché, but a wedding without a groom just won’t work. Plan your journey carefully, and make sure you have a backup transport plan just in case.
  3. Taking care of business: On the big day itself, you will be responsible for managing the ushers and ensuring everyone is properly seated at both the ceremony and the reception. You may also be expected to handle administrative issues like paying the church fees, so be ready.
  4. Trouble-shooting: : If any problems occur, it’s your job to keep them away from the bride and groom. Be flexible, be versatile and be responsible - just make sure that you come up with a solution.
  5. Looking after the gifts: Best men are expected to collect cards and presents handed in at the reception and take responsibility for looking after them. Speak to venue staff about finding somewhere safe to put them and don’t forget to collect everything at the end.
  6. Knowing what the bride wants: Chances are that beyond a vague idea of the date and time, your groom will have left all the other details to his other half. Talk to her well in advance to find out if there’s anything else she wants you to do.
  7. Getting the speech right: It’s probably the most feared part of the job, but it’s also the one duty you don’t stand a chance of dodging, so man up, prepare it early and save the scandalous anecdotes for the stag do.
  8. Dancing with the chief bridesmaid: Remember this is a time-honoured tradition and not a golden opportunity to try it on. She’ll be someone who’s very important to the bride, so keep your hands visible, don’t step on her dress and at least pretend to be a perfect gentleman throughout.
  9. Policing your pals: It’s a known fact that drunken friends and ushers appreciate practical jokes a lot more than brides do. Keep an eye on this mob and make sure they don’t go overboard.
  10. Taking care of the rings: We’re not kidding - this is easier to get wrong than you might think. Keep them somewhere very secure (a finger is safer than a pocket) and keep checking that they’re still there.

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