The groom’s speech

Groom's Speech

"What a beautiful wedding, I can’t wait for the groom’s speech”, said no one, EVER.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the speech section of the big day mainly belongs to two other people: the father of the bride and the best man.

Usually first up, the father of the bride’s speech is sure to be emotional as he entrusts the wellbeing of his wonderful daughter to you. Hankies out, everyone, it’s bound to be a tearjerker.

Saving the best (pardon the pun) for last, is the speech that most people look forward to: that of your best man. He’s earned this honour. He’s the big hero of the hour. It’s his chance to shine! His is surely the most highly anticipated speech of the day. However cringe worthy, try to laugh at his anecdotes and don’t take it too personally!

Traditionally sandwiched in between these two is your moment with the microphone: the groom’s speech. Your new father-in-law has probably just had the entire room crying. Your best man is probably just about to have the entire room laughing (at you!) so you need a speech which will be just as good as theirs.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you do a Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher and sing the speech for 14 minutes, but at least make sure you know the basics:

  • 1) You’ll want to say some heart-warming words about your new wife and your new family. You’ll have had a good day (hopefully!) so you can say some nice words about how enjoyable it’s all been.
  • 2) You should thank the father of the bride on behalf of you and your new wife for his speech.
  • 3) Then you thank the guests for coming; the bride's parents (if they have hosted the wedding); your parents for raising you as a fine, upstanding gentleman; and of course your best man for his support.
  • 4) Say thanks to anyone else who has helped with planning the day.
  • 5) You can then present both mothers (if applicable) with bouquets.
  • 6) Make sure you say a few words about your gorgeous new wife and finish up by raising a glass to her bridesmaids.
  • 7) Hand the microphone over to your best man and just hope for the best!

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