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Ordering Your Hirewear Outfit

How can I order my outfit?

Orders should be placed directly with your chosen retailer, whether that is in store or over the phone (if applicable).

How do I pay for my order?

You'll need to pay a deposit to the retailer when you book your outfits. This is normally 50% of the total but check with the store at time of booking. All outfits will need to be paid for when they're collected. You can either pay for all of them or have the wearers pay for the outfits themselves. You should check with your chosen retailer what types of payment they accept.

When should I place my order / When is the latest I can place my order?

Ideally, you should place your order and confirm your sizes as early as possible. Most grooms tend to book at least six months before the big day.

We will accept orders up to 4 working days prior to the function but these may incur additional cost and you might not be able to get the exact outfit you want.

What should I do if I want to amend an order?

You can amend an order in 2 ways:

Login to your account and click on ‘Sort My Order'. From here you can update your sizes and save them to your order.

If you want to change colours or styles of garments you should contact your retailer directly using the message tool via the Contact Retailer button. This is in the Host Store info section on the left of your Sort My Order screen.

You can also call the store to discuss any changes.

What should I do if I want to cancel an order?

If you would like to cancel your order at any time, please contact your retailer directly. If you cancel your order within 48 hours of it being placed, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

If you cancel your order within one month of the date of collection, you may be required to pay 50% off the order.

Orders that are cancelled within one week of the date of collection you will be required to pay for the full order. Charges may apply should you require the outfits earlier than the function date.

View full terms & conditions.

Where and when do I collect my order?

When you place your order, your retailer should let you know the date it will be ready for collection. Please make sure you have advised the retailer if you are travelling to the wedding ceremony and that your date of collection fits in with these plans. Charges may apply should you require the outfits earlier than the function date.

Where and when do I return my order?

Your order should be returned to the retailer on the first working day after the wedding. i.e. if the wedding is on a Saturday, the outfits should be returned on the Monday. Check the store's opening hours when you book.

All outfits should be returned to the store where they were ordered.

Managing Your Order

How Sort My Wedding Outfit Works

The groom(or party leader) places the order for the entire party in-store. Once the order is confirmed, an email is sent to the groom with a link to activate his Sort My Wedding Outfit account.

The groom can then log in to his account and manage the wearers in his party.

The first thing the groom should do is enter the email addresses for all his wearers. Once he saves the details, an email will be sent to the wearer to let them know they're in the wedding party, what they're wearing and how to get measured.

There are 3 options for the wearer to get measured:

  1. Go to the same store as the groom (i.e. the Host Store) to get measured.If the host store is too far away, he can choose a local store near him to get measured. There's a handy postcode lookup to help find where to go.
  2. Use the Self Measuring Guide (PDF, 178 KB) and enter his own sizes straight into his Sort My Wedding Outfit Account.
  3. If the wearer wants to visit a store, they should use the ‘Contact Retailer' button to send a message to arrange an appointment. The replies will go to the message section of their Sort My Wedding Outfit account but a notification will be sent to the email address used to register.

The groom (or party leader) can see the status of everyone's order, who has been measured and who hasn't.

The wearers can only see their own outfit details and can send messages to the retailer.

Problems with the website

Forgotten username

If you cannot login to your account email

Forgotten password

Forgotten your password? Click here to request a new password.

Missing orders

What do I do if my order doesn't appear in my Sort My Wedding Out account?

If you cannot see your order when you login to your account, please contact the helpdesk at or call
0141 781 6746.

Wrong or missing items

What do I do if there are wrong or missing items in my order?

If there are items or outfits missing from your order you should contact your chosen retailer using the Contact Retailer button. This is in the Host Store info section on the right of your Sort My Order screen.

Wrong retailer

What do I do if my account has the wrong retailer information listed?

If your Host Store details are incorrect, please contact SMWO Helpdesk on 0141 781 6746.

Wrong or missing party information

What do I do if I need to change the people in my order party?

If you'd like to add or remove members of the order party, please contact your chosen retailer. If you'd like to edit contact information or roles of members of the wedding party, you can do this in the Sort My Order section.

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